PHP remove hidden characters from text

PHP remove hidden character like line breaks and tabs and hidden character like following:

$description=ereg_replace( "rn", "", $row['short_description']);
$description=ereg_replace( "rt", "", $description);
$description=ereg_replace( "r", "", $description);
$description=ereg_replace( "t", "", $description);
$description=ereg_replace( "n", "", $description);
$description=ereg_replace( "xA0", "", $description);
$description=ereg_replace( "x0B", "", $description);
$description=ereg_replace( '"', '""', $description);

 This really helps when you are creating a CSV file which has line breaks. Some softwares like magento doesn’t import the csv file properly if you have line breaks or hidden characters in your text. It counts each hidden character as new line.

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