YII CGRIDVIEW, Add form actions to cgridview

This is a tutorial for how to add input text-Field, check-box, buttons in CGridView. Scenario  This is CRUD pages for admin menu management. So, Menu model have following things: menuId : INT menuName : VARCHAR sortOrder : INT (Admin may change menu order, based on that front side menu will render) isActive : BOOL (only values with… Continue reading YII CGRIDVIEW, Add form actions to cgridview

YII cgridview Tricks

Yii cgridview make custom drop down filters, Yii cgridview set row color based on a condition, Yii cgridview add time picker in filter, Yii cgridview add drop down in colum values Here is an example how you can make custom drop down filters in YII cgridview: $this->widget(‘zii.widgets.grid.CGridView’, array( ‘id’ => ‘card-applications-grid’, ‘dataProvider’ => $model->search(), ‘filter’ =>… Continue reading YII cgridview Tricks